What Can I Do For You?

You are probably here because you need help with your blog. Your first question is probably, what can I do for you?

I do a few things really well. I’ve decided I can serve my clients better by getting really good at one or two services instead of being moderately good at lots of services. Here’s a list of the things I help bloggers with:

  • Updating and optimizing existing blog posts using the RankIQ tool.
  • Resizing images in WordPress. This is one of the biggest reasons why blogs load slowly.
  • Adding alt text to your media library images that is relevant to your post
  • Transcribing video content

Who Am I?

I’m Annette, a retired nurse practitioner. I worked as a nurse practitioner for the same employer for 28 years. What this tells you about me is that I’m educated and dependable. I’m really good at routines and that’s why I think I can serve you as a VA.

I live in the country with my six rescue dogs (one of which is Bob).

You can reach me at afriedh1@yahoo to discuss how I can help you with your blog.


If you are interested in hiring me, contact me by email. Here are what a few of my clients say and how you can contact them to hear more.

“Annette skills as a VA were exactly what I was looking for to polish up posts on my site to get more traffic to them. Not only was she super responsive but she did a great job improving all of the blog posts I sent her. She brought many of my post grades in RankIQ from D to A++. I give Annette an A++ for her services, speed and professionalism. Highly recommended. “

Michelle at Lovingmyev.com

“Annette is fast and reliable. She has been working through my library of old content in record time making the posts optimized for SEO. I’m really seeing a huge bump in traffic as a result. She evenu updates the posts in wordpress for me. She has also updated all of my images with alt-text and resized them.”

Andrea from andrea@designmorsels.com

“Annette is fantastic! I’ve had her revamp some of my old posts as well as transcribe my videos and add them to RankIQ. I’m seeing great results already from the work done, and having her do these tasks is helping to speed up my blog post writing time, and it is freeing me up to keep creating more content for my website.”

Chas from chas@chascrazycreations.com

…or this:

“Annette is working through my library of old posts, I have over 1000. It’s something I would never have time to do myself. She makes all the changes in Rank IQ and marks them in red so I can update wordpress myself, which I like to do so I can make a few of my own changes too. “

Lars from lars@cleanairgardening.com